Raymond Weil is a Swiss watch company that was founded in the year 1976 in Switzerland

Raymond Weil is a Swiss watch company that was founded in the year 1976 in Switzerland. Here in this article we will learn about the key dates or historical achievements of Raymond Weil watches. Let us start with the year 1976. This year is marked in the history of Raymond Weil because the founder of the company Mr. Raymond Weil launched the brand during this time. His main motto at that time was to manufacture watches that have novel concept and unique design. Savoir-Faire, Independence, breitling watches. Creativity and Aesthetics were the founding values of the brand. After the brand was launched and started gaining popularity. The company thought of expanding its business and increasing its competitiveness without losing the family identity. It was during this time in 1982 that Olivier Bernheim, son-in-law of the founder joined the family business. He modernized the structure and the organization, developed several markets and took in charge the marketing and communication departments. His appearance reinforced the proposal of an independent family-owned business dear to Raymond Weil. The company marketing and communication techniques started to have a great influence in the cultural scenario because of the launch of Raymond Weil watches Amadeus collection, which was named after Mozart, the Austrian composer. The collection was also launched at the same time when the world popular movie of the same name (Milos Forman film) got released in 1983. L6GT by Tung Sol The 25L6 is an octal-based vacuum tube of the beam-power tetrode type. It found common application in AC/DC radio receivers - such as those of the All American Five type - and was also found in large numbers in early computers, such as the UNIVAC I. The EIA 7AC pinout The tube used EIA base 7AC in common with many other power tubes. The tube was identical in design and ratings with the 50L6 with the exception of having a 25 Volt 300 mA heater, Breitling Bentley whereas the 50L6 has a 50 Volt 150 mA heater. The 12L6 and identical 12W6 were made with a 12 Volt, 600 mA heater, and the 6W6 was made with a 6.3V, 1200mA heater. There was also a 35L6 with a 35V, 150 mA heater. Because of the slightly lower-power heater, the 35L6 has slightly lower output than the rest of the family. This family is not to be confused with the 6L6 which has the same basing diagram, but has more than twice the power capability of the 25L6. Size comparison of a 25L6G with a 25L6GT The 25L6 was introduced as a metal tube November 4, 1936, but most examples of this family were made of glass. The ST14 Glass 25L6G came out March 30, 1937, The T9 size GT version came out April 11, 1938. There was also a 25L6G in the smaller ST-12 glass envelope. Computer equipment used this tube as a relay driver or to run the solenoids in key punch machines. The heater in this case ran off the 24 Volt power line in the equipment resulting in long life, and slightly lower power output. The industrial type 6046 is a 25L6GT rated for that application. Also see All American Five.


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